This friday the girls of  2nd A ESO have an exam of the topic 8 of the book. So here is a summarize of the topic:


Types of tranport:

  • coach: autocar
  • Tram: tranvía
  • the underground: el metro
  • moped: ciclomotor o motocicleta
  • motorbike: moto (es más rápida que el ciclomotor)
  • ferry: transbordador
  • barge: barcaza
  • hot air balloon: globo aerostático
  • cable car: teleférico
  • on foot: a pie

Health problems:

  • a broken leg: pierna rota
  • an insect bite: una picadura de insecto
  • a cough: tós
  • a headache: dolor de cabeza
  • a stomach ache: dolor de estomago
  • a sore throat: dolor de garganta
  • a cold: un resfirado
  • sunburn: quemada por el sol
  • a high temperature: fiebre alta
  • a cut: un corte

First aid:

  • aspirin: aspirina
  • caugh medicine: jarabe para la tós
  • plasters: tiritas
  • antiseptic cream: crema antiseptica
  • suncream: crema para el sol
  • a bandage: una benda


Be going to: (We use be going to to talk about future plans and intentions)

  • Affirmative:  subject +  verb to be + going to + verb in infinitive

Ex:  you’re  going to meet new friends

  • Negative: subject + verb to be in negative + going to + verb in infinitive

Ex:    I’m not  going to be homesick

  • Questions: verb to be  + subject + going to + verb in infinitive ?

Ex: Is she going to travel by coach

short answer: Yes, she is / No,she isn’t

Would like to/ wouldn’t like to: (the short form of would is ‘d: i’d like…9

  • affirmative: subject + would like to + verb in infinitive

Ex: I would like to visit Granada

  • negative: subjet + wouldn’t like to + verb in infinitive

Ex: They wouldn’t like to feel cold

  • Questions: would + subject + like to + verb in infinitive

EX: Would you like  to stay in campsite

short answer: Yes, i would / No, i wouldn’t

Indefinite pronouns:

people                   Things                     places

affirmative                everyone                 everything              everywhere

someone                  something                 somewhere


negative                      anyone                    anything                   anywhere   

                                                no one                      nothing                      nowhere