Bullying is when someone bother ,harass and chase you. That person may kick you or steal your things.

Example: Bullying is not allowed in schools.



That means when your parents give  you some money every month or every week.Example: My parents give me my pocket money every month.


Health is when your body is so well and cared. example: if you eat fruit every day you will be healthy.


Appearance is how you look like. How people see you.Example: Currently people is so cared about their appearance.


Shyness is when is so hard for you to talk with people and making friends.example: I think shyness is not so good.

Eating disorders 

You have an eating disorder when don’t eat what and when you have to do it.some eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia.Example: that girl has a serious anorexia.


Those are the tests that you have in your school and you must study for them-example:now we are going to start the exams.



That the due you have to do ir your house. Example: we always have to do homework


That happen when you fight with someone and you start  screaming. Example: I had arguments in my school